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René-Pierre Azria featured in L'Agefi article

March 18, 2011

René-Pierre Azria, President and Chief Executive Officer of Tegris, was featured in a L'Agefi article titled "Les boutiques de M&A tissent leur toile international" on March 17, 2011.



The following is an excerpt from the article concerning Tegris and Aforge Finance, Tegris's JV partner in France:

"In the mid-cap segment, which consists of companies with valuations ranging from €100 million to €300 million, we noticed that only a few Franco-American players, with the exception of bulge bracket banks, provide cross-border services. Yet, family-owned businesses and private equity funds have a need for access to transatlantic advisors." [said Aforge's CEO, Damien Bachelot]. . . . To gain presence in New York without having to build a team from the ground, Aforge Finance partnered last June with US-based Tegris Advisors, a firm founded by René-Pierre Azria, former Global Partner at Rothschild. Thanks to Mr. Azria, Aforge Finance was also able to build a successful business partnership with Italy-based DVR Capital. . . . In September 2010, [Aforge] hired Lawrence Giesen, a senior Anglo-Saxon banker focusing on developing business between France and the US."