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Aforge Finance –Tegris Advisors Joint Venture

In June 2010, Aforge Finance and Tegris Advisors announced a joint venture which will include the creation of Aforge Finance USA which will be headed by René-Pierre Azria, President & CEO of Tegris Advisors.

The goal of this joint venture is for Aforge to pursue its international expansion in the US market and for Tegris to strengthen its cross-border relationships in Europe.

Aforge Finance has appointed Lawrence Giesen, a senior Anglo-Saxon banker who will focus on developing business between France and the US.

Meanwhile the French firm announced its plans to open another office in Asia, which it will manage itself. In Europe Aforge Finance continues working through the network of Bank Degroof, a leading Belgian private and investment bank, that owns 50% of its capital since 2008.


René-Pierre Azria featured in L'Agefi article

March 18, 2011

René-Pierre Azria, President and Chief Executive Officer of Tegris, was featured in a L'Agefi article titled "Les boutiques de M&A tissent leur toile international" on March 17, 2011..