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Tegris is a forward-thinking advisory firm committed to the financial well-being of its clients. Tegris bankers draw their expertise from years of practice, are fluent among cultures and excel in complex situations. Tegris is committed to methodical, focused and impartial advice for its clients.

Cultural Fluency

Tegris bankers are Americans, Asians and Europeans with a wealth of experience on five continents. They are united by a belief in the need for rigor in finance and by the desire to help their clients bridge cultural and financial divides.


Capital flows are moving from being U.S.-centric to being resource-centric. Tegris has developed relationships in London, Moscow, the United Arab Emirates and Singapore, staying ahead of the great evolution in capital markets.

Highly Personal,
Highly Focused Advice

Tegris provides essential Corporate Finance advice, geared to a limited number of client relationships.


Integrity is the root of the word Tegris. The Tegris team maintains strict client confidentiality.


Our latest transactions are in the UK, Spain, Japan, Israel and the US. As we grow, we intend to establish ourselves better in key markets, hence our partnership in France & Italy.